Tuesday, August 08, 2006

hellooooooooo Apolloooooooooo

Miss me? Man, I sure did.
Although I'm most likely, and understandably deleted form all your frequently visited lists... I converted to myspacism, or as I like to call it, Crack.
It's been my addiction, but it's amazing how many of my friends from my old Christian high school turned into skanks. LOL as though im one to judge!!!! muahahaahah
I miss my Jeff, my Jenn, my Beth, my Brit... and my "soon to be dad" last year.
Ok... more later. Time to crawl back to my space. ha

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

After all this time... I still think of you...

I may get back to it sooner than later...
I just tried to upload pics, but I tihnk the blogger thingy is feeling resentment after I abandoned it last year for Tom's myspace project.
I still love you all.
I'll slowly catch up...
mad love y'all.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Hello my lovelies

See? I told I was firing blogspot.
I am such a myspace whore now... and all of you, I want you to join me.
Maybe if I can access this from my new job I'll start t up again.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Haha How YOU doin?

So, I am officially a slacker.
Wanna know where I've been? Ive kinda combined my three bogging worlds into one on myspace.com.
Check me out---

and then YOU start a page, then add me... and unless you're a freak of nature, I'll add you as well. LOL Okay, I'll add you even if you ARE a freak, because I'm crazy like that.
Jeff, I especially expect you to start one.
To that unknown guy... I told you a long time ago to get one.
Oh yeah, and if anyone wants to see a pic of that douchebag boxer, he's on my list. Ugh. I'm only leaving him there, b/c he rated me as his "second best" and as high as I'm sure his number is, that can't be too bad huh? Yeah, considering all the sex we DIDN'T have.
Anyhoo, love you guys! Myspace is just easier to reach from work.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Wanna hear what made me cry last night?
My kids and I were settling down for story time/ song time in Michael's room, and after realizing exactly what kind of books Tori has to read for homework, I thought I'd dig up some Dr. Seuss and see how she did on those. (Normally, we read the sweet bedtime books with some sort of meaning, and I actually just finished reading The BFG to them the other night.) Much to my surprise, with only two "helps", she was able to make it through the WHOLE The Cat in the Hat! That book is like, sixty pages, and for a 1st grader, about 7 weeks into the school year, it takes some time to make it through. At one point, I offered to read every other page, but she insisted she could do it! The best part? I don't know if you've ever listened to a beginner reader read, but you can tell what kind of punctuation is at the end of each sentence, because everything is read in this monotonous tone, until the very last word that has the actual punctuation behind it and then BAM! All that feeling that should've been expressed throughout the whole sentence explodes in that last word, whether it be exclamation/imperative or interrogative. It's hard to stifle. But yeah, as I called my friend, Stef, and Tori's dad last night to tell them, I found myself wiping tears away from my eyes. Was it pride, or was it the happy/sad tears that find a way to sting your heart when you realize your child is growing up too fast?
Maybe it's not too late to pull her out of school.

On another note, I have another date tonight. I'm making dinner tonight, because he spends enough money on me, then he's taking me to a movie.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Bad Buckeyes game... GREAT night!

Okay guys... so I'm not as good as I wish I was...
Friday night he called me... twice! And asked, more like begged me to come save him from a really boring party. I told him no for two reasons - 1) I didn't want him to thin I would drop everything for him on the second day, and 2) I had to work the next day and didn't want a late night out.
I did, however, tell him I was free all day Saturday, and most of Sunday...
He took me out Saturday afternoon to Applebees Happy Hour for a few Perfect Margaritas, then we drove to his promoter's house for a small get together to watch the game. He asked if we could make a "pit-stop" before we got there, after we started kissing in the car (too many margaritas for Sarah) I thought, Sure, why not?
He ended up taking me to his gym (it was closed, but he has a key) to show me where he fights. It was pretty cool, but it was also an opportunity to make out some more. And ohhhh was it wonderful. I haven't been kissed like that in a LONG time, and I love the big, tall (yes, Jeff, he IS tall) strong guy thing; I love being held tight by arms that are warm and safe.
Anyway, to the party we went.
OSU sucked on Saturday, and Penn State played a pretty good game. (insert polite golf clap here)
Then he ordered dinner for everyone (by the way, he pays for everything everytime we go anywhere at all, which is out of the norm for guys I have dated).
I loved watching him talk to people there. I loved the fact that he is a REAL boxer (unlike my ex amateur UFC fighting boyfriend) and I loved how people kind of came to him when he talked and camped out in front of us to listen to him. I guess I like that he really is respectable, and even gets paid to work out. LOL
So... we were there, and ended up hanging out all night. He is REALLY cool. We managed to touch on a lot of subjects, and get a lot of bases covered.
The next morning, he told me to call him later if I was thinking about him. So I waited until 5, then called and left him a message. He called back, we talked for a moment, and then he said the same thing... WTF?! So, I debated if I should call again, or not. I didn't want to "over call" but I didn't want him to think I wasn't thinking about him... you know? So I called after Desperate Housewives and left a message that I was going to bed. He didn't call back, which is good, because I get pissy when awakened by the phone.
I will wait for his call.
Now it's on him.
Whew! This is complicated.
At least we had fun... ;oD

Friday, October 07, 2005

Interesting night!

So I finally did it! I went out with Chad the Boxer.
Great night actually. I suggested we go out for a drink, since it was half priced margaritas @ Don Pablos all day, we met there initially. He then suggested we go grab coffee at Cup O Joe, and go see Wedding Crashers, which, strangely enough, we must be the only two people in the free world NOT to have seen yet.
GREAT movie!
And what a great person to see it with--- he made me laugh non- stop. I have to admit, I was a little worried before the date upon him telling me to look for the guy in the white tee shirt and polyester pants. I'm open minded though, so I went with it. He wore jeans, and ended up having the driest sense of humor... fortunately, I mesh perfectly with that.
We had a lot of small things in common, but nothing big. I have a lot more life experience than he does, although I'm pretty sure he's holding back--- we talked about the worst things we'd ever done, and he pretty much told me he was clean as a whistle, but, since I'm a sneaky little thing, I looked up his criminal background-- 2 omvi's. Over 7 years ago, but still. That doesn't make him squeaky clean!!
He's a Virgo, on the cusp of Leo, which is safe for me-- as LONG as he's NOT a Leo!
Either way... we had a great time. Even if nothing comes of it, he got my confidence back up.

Oh yeah, and there were a couple kisses.

And yeah, I got goosebumps. ;oX

So tell me--- what does it mean when the guy says for you to call him? Be honest-- is that good or bad? Should I call? Should I wait, and if so, how long? He brought up getting together this weekend if I was free... SHOULD I be free? I can make myself available, especially because I wouldn't mind getting to know him better...
Answers anybody?

Oh Oh Oh, and the biggest question (because I don't know how to date) he wants to pick me up at my house next time we go out. Is this okay? And if so, after the date, if I asked him to come in and hang out, would it be assumed that I was "inviting him in for a little..." ? Because that wouldn't be my intention. Or should I leave him at the door? Darn the media!!! You know that show where two guys compete by each going out on a date, and they win if they get invited in? Is it a sign of great disrespect to NOT invite them in? Because I'm really not going to sleep with him! But I don't want him to think I'm not interested in him.

UGH. Dating is more stressful than NOT dating.

PS---> My fellow myspace.commers, take a look and tell me how cute you think he is... and take the look on his face and imagine it goofy. He's really not an ounce of serious.
Amen to that!